Friday, December 14, 2012

End of semester 1, year 2?!

Kind of.

Well this last while has been fun! I've been sick, so I've spent... the last 5 days (give or take) in bed, which means my final projects have suffered a looooot.

I'll post these two, though. Luckily these were already mostly done, before the collapse.

I had such high hopes for this. I want to redo it. With colour and sound and maaaagic.

This is how romance works, in my mind.

Gonna go nap, then work on 3D. Then painting. Then layout. Then nap again.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I guess I'll post these

Some of them are pretty meh, but I guess I should post more things. These are the random things that Piotr got us to draw for Layout. My actual layouts... might be posted someday, buuuuut probably not.

 More chaaaaaaaairs
 Chairs and hilarious cars
Kitty looks out a window, and some embarrassing car interiors.
 Royal Winter Fair sketches. This one is...a cow.
 This is..... also... a cow.
 This sheep is dressed in his finest robes.
 NAKED SHEEP. Also, sheep head.
 Another sheep in all of his finery.
Cow study, with a weiiiiird head.