Saturday, July 30, 2011

Caricatures: the battle begins

Okay so, I can't seem to get the hang of these things! They're either too realistic, or I lose the likeness all together! It's driving me crazy! I'll get one or two decent ones, and then the next 20 of em will be terrible.

Maybe if I start with overtly "weird" faces, that will help. I'll have to try to find a book or magazine or something.

Here's some of what I've got, so far:

 haha this one is just from my head.
 Also from my head. Trying to draw a 'pretty' girl with weird facial proportions.
 Now we're getting into photo referenced ones.

I don't know who or what this thing is. It's horrible. Moving on...
 Not sure who this is either. She looks boring though. One of the 'too realistic' ones.
 This one is recognizable, but boring. ugh.
 Hahahaha I like the top one, actually. She has a great face to caricature!
 This was Carmen Electra. It doesn't look much like her, but it does have the distinction of being the first time I was able to force myself to really exaggerate the proportions.

 This might have been my first attempt all together, actually. Looks kinda like the actress, but very blah. No life or interest at all.

 Tried to push this one a bit further, but lost the likeness of the model.
 It's meeeeee. I don't know why I made my jaw so pointy. It isn't really like that.
 I like this one, but have thus far been unable to repeat the outcome.
babies are fun! I'm kind of sad that I messed up that ear.
boring again.

So yeah, that's that for now. Please give me advice, if you have any. I've been looking at examples, and reading up on caricature, and I always think that I've got it, but once I start drawing it's like I forget it all.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sketch dump #3 - last one! Random stuff.

The stuff that I drew from my head, or non-people/animals.

Trying to draw the main character from a book series I re-read (Aly, from Trickster's Choice). Not quite there.
 Failing at drawing cars.
 A faun with an eating disorder? Way too skinny but I kinda like him.
 A spot near my mom's place.
 I have no idea.
Another lady from a series of (terrible) books. She was the only character I liked at all.
it's a baby.

Sketch dump #2 - animal life-drawings

I've been to the zoo 3 times since I got back home. I really need to brush up on my animal drawing skills, because I know nooothing! Those visits are really helping, though.

 My friend Chloe's beauuuutiful cat! She is the softest.
 A duck and an afro-chicken.
 Sleepy baby goat.
 Some bison.
 moar bison
Another bison and some kind of mountain goat. I forget what they are called.
All I know is that snow leopards eat them.
 Cow. She was resting after being milked.
 A horse named Donnie. I realize now that I made his body waaaay too short. Whoops.
lol butts
Donnie again. His owner said 'this one looks like him!' so I guess that's good.
 Ground squirrels!
 Ground squirrels, and a goat and another goat? I don't know what that little one is.
 Llama. They have such weird faces.
 Llamabutt. They stand funny.
 Some kind of fancy bull. He has a hump.
Red panda! He was running all over the place, it made him really tough to draw.
 These guys were remarkably still.
A stork. He had a gross bald head.
 Another stork, and another camel. It is weird that I think I was pretty consistently good at drawing camels.
 Zebraaaaa. I didn't add stripes though. I was in a hurry.
another stripeless zebra. So sad.

Sketch dump #1 - people life-drawings

Even though I haven't been doing as much studying as I should have been doing, I haven't been completely useless this summer!

 Some people at the Red River Ex.
 More people at the Ex. I was pretty tired at this point, so they're very "meh".
 This was actually from the Sheridan open house. They had a model for the illustration students to paint, so people could watch them work. I snuck a quick sketch in.
Some people from the airport, from Oakville to Winnipeg. The older woman on the upper left looks just like her. The other ones, not so much.

 some people at the mall
 more mall people