Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sketch dump #2 - animal life-drawings

I've been to the zoo 3 times since I got back home. I really need to brush up on my animal drawing skills, because I know nooothing! Those visits are really helping, though.

 My friend Chloe's beauuuutiful cat! She is the softest.
 A duck and an afro-chicken.
 Sleepy baby goat.
 Some bison.
 moar bison
Another bison and some kind of mountain goat. I forget what they are called.
All I know is that snow leopards eat them.
 Cow. She was resting after being milked.
 A horse named Donnie. I realize now that I made his body waaaay too short. Whoops.
lol butts
Donnie again. His owner said 'this one looks like him!' so I guess that's good.
 Ground squirrels!
 Ground squirrels, and a goat and another goat? I don't know what that little one is.
 Llama. They have such weird faces.
 Llamabutt. They stand funny.
 Some kind of fancy bull. He has a hump.
Red panda! He was running all over the place, it made him really tough to draw.
 These guys were remarkably still.
A stork. He had a gross bald head.
 Another stork, and another camel. It is weird that I think I was pretty consistently good at drawing camels.
 Zebraaaaa. I didn't add stripes though. I was in a hurry.
another stripeless zebra. So sad.

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