Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I got my acceptance into Sheridan's animation program on Tuesday(!!), so since I told myself, if I got in, I would be uploading my portfolio here, I guess I should start doing that!

I'm breaking it up into sections.

Warning: this is going to be a huge, image-heavy post.

Life Drawing:

Hand drawing 1

Hand drawing 2

Animal life drawing 1 (Elk. Scanned weirdly, for some reason)

Animal life drawing 2 (meerkats!! Painfully blue pencil!)

Animation & Character Design:

Character rotation

Action pose 1! (sorry about the retina-searing blue pencil)

 Action pose 2

Expression sheet



Object drawing 1

Object drawing 2

Room drawing 1 (terrible photo quality on these two)

Room drawing 2

Personal Artwork:

Self portraits. They were an assignment for painting class. The only one that was handed in as a portfolio piece was the one on the left.

Mouse town! I actually... don't like this at all. But my Imaging Systems (perspective class, pretty much) teacher showed some animation faculty, and they said I should include it. So I did.

More life drawings! 5 minute pose.

20 minute

Another Imaging Systems assignment that made it into the portfolio. This was a texture study in gouache.

You're only supposed to have 5 extra pieces. I forgot to take this one out of the very back of my portfolio, and when I got it back it had been moved and put into a plastic sleeve, so they obviously looked at it... Whoops. Anyway, 5 minute torso study.


So the main point of making this blog is supposed to be to post my assignments for next year. But I have Big Plans (so big they need to be capitalized) for studying during the summer, and if that works out then I might just post those here too.

That's all for now!

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  1. Wow, I gotta say, I'm impressed. It is really obvious that you've learned a lot at Sheridan this year.
    Considering how crazy gouache made you, that piece is ADORABLE. I love the object drawing ones, and I have to say that I'm with the people who said that Mouse Town was a piece you should use. It's so cute. I love all the little things they use to make their houses.
    Great work!