Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Character expressions from last semester, which I forgot to post.
Ficto-planet. I am afraid of contrast, so the lighting didn't... work. Considering lighting was a major part of the assignment, I'm thinking I probably won't do too well on it.
Oh the Disaronno cap... I spend way too long trying to draw it in the proper perspective, and I still got it wrong.
Master copy of a background painting from Brother Bear.
 Layout, texture assignment. The furry tree makes me feel uncomfortable.
 Texture assignment 'your own style'. Which is apparently just a simplified version of the realistic textures.
Texture assignment, natural textures.
 Doodle from digital tools.
Another doodle, Marie Antoinette cat, before a few design tweaks.


  1. im so proud of you. love, mom.

  2. and i am so proud of you dear...
    love you