Friday, October 19, 2012

Assignment 2 - Lift and Toss

So... yeah it's not fully finished. It took me a long time to get the keys worked out, so I ended up having to do the vast majority of the animation in less than a week. The follow-through on the dog's head is iffy, the timing and spacing both need work.

But I don't hate it. There are lots of mistakes, but I know they're there, and even better, I know how I could fix them, given the time. So that's a good start. Here's hoping walk-and-run will be better.


  1. OMMMGGG SO CUTE hahahaha, I lovee the lazy dogg xDD

    1. Bahaha lazy things and funny looking things are the most fun to animate.

  2. Just spent a good half hour drinking up your blog. Such awesome work!! You're incredibly creative and super awesome in all areas of art is seems, you'll definitely go far! Insta-follow!