Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caricatures 3: Revenge of the Caricatures

Here we go again!

Next update will have paintings in it, I swear. There are just too many things that I need to work on! Only one month left of vacation... Will I finally get around to actually animating something?! I sure hope so.


 Starting off with the two more terrifying ones! Toothy smiles still elude me. I'm defining each tooth too much.
 This one is a little better. Anne Hathaway has the most fascinatingly huge mouth.
 I tried one of myself, on my lunch break at work.
 Another one, right after the first.
 And the last one! Hahaha I love this, for some reason.
 Back to the hair style magazine!
More models.
Sophia Loren. I like this one, actually, because I made the face shape so bizarre.

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