Friday, December 16, 2011

End of term dump!

WELL that was an educational experience.

Things I have learned:
-why you slack, self?
-to avoid mediocrity, practice, and start assignments as soon as they are given
-go to extra life as often as possible
-add backgrounds to even the smallest of doodles, for practice

Here's a few things from the End of Days.

 Layout pan. This monster took me way longer than I expected. Whee! Paisley! I wanted to colour it, but didn't get a chance.
 doodle from Digital Tools class. It's hard to pay attention when there is a tablet in front of you.
 More doodling.
and even moooore. No pressure sensitivity looks funny.
and another. More polished, though.
 For layooouuut. Need to learn to digital paint, aughhh
Characters in perspective, Layout.
Painting. Not much to say. Not what I wanted, but not as terrible as I expected.